Keep B.C.'s Lower Mainland moving with a plan to


Expand our transit system


Improve our road network


Add walking & cycling paths

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The new plan for expanding public transit across B.C.'s Lower Mainland and improving infrastructure for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

With federal and provincial government funding, we can reduce GHG emissions, improve affordability and keep our region moving.

Whether you ride in a bus or a car, on rail, a bike, wheels or your own two feet – no matter where you live in B.C.'s Lower Mainland

Access for Everyone has something for you.

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We need to get moving, now!


Population Growth

The federal government is targeting a big increase in immigration that will bring hundreds of thousands of new residents to B.C.'s Lower Mainland over the next 25 years – more than we’ve planned for. Unless we invest in our transportation system now, our region won’t be able to handle this population growth.



B.C.'s Lower Mainland is the most expensive region in the country for housing. Affordable transit and expanding to more parts of the region helps people lower their monthly transportation budgets and opens up options for living in more affordable communities.


Climate Action

The more people use transit, the more cars we remove from the road, lowering GHG emissions and keeping our air clean. A transit system that’s easier for people to access is a critical part of meeting federal and provincial climate action targets.

A plan for everyone

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The Access for Everyone plan will reach every corner of the region, helping people get where they need to go.

With federal and provincial funding, the Access for Everyone plan will double bus services across B.C.'s Lower Mainland, introduce nine new Bus Rapid Transit lines, and enable TransLink to take the next steps to adding rapid transit on the heavily congested North Shore, to SFU and UBC and other parts of the region.

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TransLink Mayors’ Council approves first phase of transit expansion plan with new asks of federal government

(Vancouver, B.C.) – Today the TransLink Mayors’ Council confirmed the projects and investments to be included in the first phase of the Access for Everyone plan and approved a submission to the federal Minister of Finance calling for the government to join the region and the province in developing a new funding model for TransLink. The…